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I had so much fun being on Right at the Fork with Chris and Heather!

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Now that the show is out — listen to it here — I thought I would add a few notes here, since I feel like I forgot some stuff when I was on. What can I say? Chris is a great talker and Heather was looking nice in all black, and I got “off message,” as they say.

The 3rd Edition has an all-new look to it.

The 3rd Edition has an all-new look to it.

So, first, a little more about the third edition of Breakfast in Bridgetown, which is at the printer now. You can pre-order a signed copy over on my main site, PaulGerald.com. And in fact, while you’re at it, why not reserve a signed copy of the new 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles of Portland, too? You’ll need to walk off those breakfasts!

Use the coupon code PODCAST to get free shipping on all orders.


What’s in this new edition of the breakfast book?

  • 37 new places (dang!) for a total of 119 full-on breakfast places in Portland
  • more than a dozen breakfast carts
  • all the downtown hotel restaurants
  • out-of-town favorites
  • Handy lists of:
    • Outdoor dining
    • Veggie- and kid-friendly spots
    • Early-bird and late-night breakfasts
  • A new section on gluten-free breakfasts
The newest downtown Portland Brunch can be found at the beautiful Raven and Rose.

This beautiful building offers a fine weekend brunch.

Some of my Current Favorites

One thing they asked me about on the show was which places I’m digging right now. I came up with Ataula, which was absolutely the best brunch I had in 2013. I can’t remember what else I said, so here’s a handy list of places that I am excited about these days — plus links to my reports, if I have anything online.

  • Verde Cocina, who now has a location in the Pearl
  • The Raven and Rose, which is in a gorgeous, historic downtown building.
  • East Burn, because it’s like a true public house … with swinging seats.
  • The very sweet, adorable Ps and Qs Market in Woodlawn.
  • Xico, which I guess you’ll have to get the book to read about.
  • And, of course, all my old faves, like Simpatica, the Stepping Stone, the Country Cat, Helser’s, Milo’s, Original Pancake House, and Zells.
Kielbasa Hash from Olympic Provisions.

Kielbasa Hash from Olympic Provisions.

Some overlooked Gems

A lot of places, I think, become famous simply for being famous, and thus uber crowded — not that they are bad places, but the lines are just insane. So here are some places I really dig, and where I’ve never seen a line.

  • Ph’Shines up in Kenton. Get the blackened catfish breakfast burrito.
  • Cafe Murrayhill in, yes, Beaverton.
  • Olympic Provisions, for the Kielbasa Hash. Oh my gosh!
  • Sckavones at 41st and Division.
  • And finally, this place on Burnside called The Screen Door. Wait, what? No lines? Well … did you know they take reservations now? Yep, for groups of six or more, at opening time, they save a few tables. Here’s what that is like.

Thanks again to Heather and Chris for having me on. Everybody should listen to the show here, subscribe to  their show at rightatthefork.com, and buy a copy of the book today! Don’t forget to use the coupon code PODCAST to get free shipping!

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