Order the Second Edition!

Welcome! Looking for the book?

Check Powells.comAmazon.com, and these stores.

But now you can get your own signed copy of the Second Edition of Breakfast in Bridgetown, which is SHIPPING NOW!

This new version includes:

  • About 30 new places in Portland, for a total of 120+!
  • A section on food carts by Brett Burmeister of FoodCartsPortland.com. (Listen to him on my podcast here)
  • A section on ethnic breakfasts by Nick Zukin (aka ExtraMSG) of Kenny and Zuke’s. (Podcast here)
  • A brief survey of some out-of-town breakfast places
  • Maps!

Order it now at my web store, StumptownScribes.com. Maybe you can even get my best-selling hiking book, 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles of Portland, to work off the meals!


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I am the author of several books, including "60 Hikes Within 60 Miles of Portland" and "Breakfast in Bridgetown." My latest title is "Peaceful Places: Portland." I also lead hiking trips for the Mazamas and work for a really cool company called Embark Adventures.