Breakfast in Bridgetown Podcast 1: Olympic Provisions

by BreakfastGuy on May 23, 2013 · 4 comments

That’s right, friends and neighbors, the Breakfast in Bridgetown podcast is back! I am so excited.

A couple years back, I quit doing the show over at Cascadia.FM, which is no more.

Now the show is slightly different. It’s still a Portland breakfast podcast, of course, but it’s no longer live. It will be two or three segments all stitched together, usually one interview with an owner or chef from a Portland breakfast place, plus an interview with another writer, blogger, author, or some kind of celebrity from the Portland breakfast scene.

So here is episode 1 of the (new) breakfast podcast!

The first guest was Colin Stafford, the chef from Olympic Provisions, whose meat-centered brunch blew me away recently. They are on Facebook here and Twitter here.
Next up was Amy Burglehaus, the blogger behind Eating My Way Through Portland. She seems to just wander around and eat all the time, and her blog is informative and entertaining.

She even told me about three breakfast places I’d never heard of:

You can follow Amy on Facebook and Twitter, as well.

I also caught listeners up on recent news developments, which you can catch up with over here. In fact, I recommend it, as the news segment of Show #1 got out of date while I was waiting to clear technical hurdles. Hatch, which I mentioned here, has already come and gone! And BrunchBox’s restaurant is open.

Right. Just click the Play button below to listen here.

You can subscribe to the show in iTunes so you’ll always get the new show. I’ll post a show every two weeks. Show #2 will be here on June 20!

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