Portland Breakfast News: Three Closings and a Video You Have to See

by BreakfastGuy on September 26, 2013 · 1 comment

A few pretty big pieces of Portland breakfast news this week, including three places closing, one getting invaluable media love, and another creating a video that warmed my food-loving heart.

MetroVino, new brunch in Portland's Pearl District

RIP, MetroVino

Apparently MetroVino is closing, according to PortlandFoodandDrink.com and confirmed by EaterPDX. Too bad; I liked that place, had it in my Peaceful Places Portland book, and intended to put it in the new breakfast edition, coming out in the spring.

Same to you, Salty's!

Same to you, Salty’s!

Another update for the book that’s already out: Sounds like Salty’s on the Columbia is headed the same way. Eater reports they are officially closed for a remodel, but “several tipsters” say it’s actually closed and coming back as something else, with some of the same staff. Not sure what that means, but for now it goes on the Updates to the Book Page.

I should watch what I say, though. I recently said Quartet was headed for oblivion, but they have made it long enough to hire a new chef. Anyway, they dropped brunch, so I’ll drop them from here.

In the “saw it coming” category, Pasta Allegro actually has closed. It was in “that” place at MLK and Fremont, and it offered some kind of brunch, which I guess I’ll never get to know about.

Good for you, Country Cat!

Good for you, Country Cat!

In more positive restaurant news, Country Cat was on Guy Fieri’s TV show. Sounds like it was a good time and very professional. I’ve had my own experience with being on television, and it’s fun, but chaotic. A whole lot of work goes into just a little bit of television.

Jason French of Ned Ludd made my day with this one: some TV show gave him $30 to make brunch. First thing he picked up? Chili lime pork rinds! I’m in. Then he waxed poetic about Juanita’s chips, saying, “They’re the best, but I don’t know why.” Ditto! Anyway, he made migas for 20 people, for $21.08 at Grocery Outlet. Dig the very entertaining video. And dig my review of Ned Ludd’s brunch.

Bon Appetit had brunch at home with Duane Sorensen, founder of Stumptown Coffee. Sounds like a guy with a very cool life.

A scene from my other life.

A scene from my other life.

Speaking of cool life, I just wanted to remind everybody I’m also the guy behind 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles of Portland, and I do a lot of cool stuff around town like lead hikes and give talks and sell books. So cruise on over to PaulGerald.com, sign up for my Breakfast Bulletin Newsletter, and otherwise say hello sometime.

That’s it for now; see you next week!

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