Portland Breakfast News, Thanksgiving Week

by BreakfastGuy on November 27, 2013 · 3 comments

Okay, time to catch up on all the Portland breakfast news since … well, in the embarrassingly long time since I posted something like this.

First, three cool books from three cool friends:


Jen Stevenson has updated her wonderful and charming book, 100 Best Places to Stuff Your Faces. It’s a ton of fun, and offers the distilled wisdom of her seemingly non-stop eating forays around town. To see what I mean, check out her Twitter feed and Facebook page.


Kelly Melillo has published her truly unique guidebook … to the coolest bathrooms in Portland! It’s called The Best Places to Pee, and you really should check it out. One or two breakfast places made it in here, as well. It’s a beautiful and fun book, with more helpful and interesting information than you might imagine from the title.


And Cindy Anderson has released her awesome, amazing, over-the-top, world-dominating Happy Hour Guidebook for the year. Many parties shall ensue.

Portland breakfast openings and closings:



Now on the menu: A soulful groove.

Doug Fir has started hosting Sunday gospel brunches, and the last one is December 15.

The Trident Room has gone out of business. According to a post on their Facebook page, the owner sold the building, and that was that.

Bar Dobre quit doing brunch. They sent this tweet out on November 17:

DobreAnd I never even got to find out what Polish brunch looks like!

From Portland Monthly’s Eat Beat, St. Honore, the snooty fabulous French bakery, is opening a place on SE Division Street. We are on our way to having 37,000 restaurants on that street.

Also from Eat Beat, Tastebud bagels has a new cart downtown. I don’t know the place, but they’d have to work pretty darn hard to outdo Bridgetown Bagels, where I ate with Jen recently.


Plenty of this around town!

Since I’m sending you to Eat Beat all the time, you might as well check out their list of Portland’s best breakfast sandwiches. Among the ones I have had and also adore: Kenny and Zuke’s Big Shot, Yolk’s Mary Had a Little Lamb, Pine State’s Reggie Deluxe, pretty much everything at Blues City Biscuits, the Three Little Pigs at Bridgetown Bagels, the Lumberjack at Brunch Box, the whole menu at Big Egg, and the FoPo Cristo at Egg Carton. They went to Fried Egg I’m in Love for the vegan Back in Black Bean, but I am all about their pesto-licious Yolko Ono (pictured above).

And from the world of foodie media …

Breakfast cereal in cocktails is apparently a thing. This strikes me as way, way beyond weird and unnecessary. Biscuit shops being all the rage – now, that’s different. Thank God for biscuit shops.

In fact, I think I need a Pine State Reggie Deluxe right now.


Reggie called: Time for your nap!

And with that, I wish you a happy Thanksgiving. If you’re looking for some places to walk off all the chow, head over to my hiking blog at PaulGerald.com and read this here post.

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