Portland Breakfast Closings … and a Contest

by BreakfastGuy on May 22, 2014 · 3 comments

There’s been an explosion of Portland breakfast news lately, most of it related to closings. Here’s a roundup — and below is a contest related to this.

portland breakfast restaurants -- openings and closings.

Gone, after 31 years!

First up was the closing of Old Wives Tales, as reported by Eater PDX. Honestly, I never thought much of the place, and always struggled with what to say about it in the book. I thought the food was bland and overpriced, but people loved it, and hell, give ‘em credit for lasting 31 years! Sounds like the building is going to be torn down, as well. Development and all that.

So that kept up a tradition; every time I send my book, Breakfast in Bridgetown, to the printer, somebody closes. First edition it was Violet’s, second edition was Nikki’s. Anybody remember those places? You’ll get a chance to test your knowledge in this regard in a minute.

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I was just recovering from that piece of news when this broke:

Oh no! Not Beaterville!

Oh no! Not Beaterville!

The closing of Beaterville Cafe, again via Eater PDX, is really bittersweet for me. The whole idea of this book, this project, this entire direction in my life, took shape in a conversation with my buddy Craig in a Beaterville booth sometime in early 2005. I long considered them the quintessential Portland breakfast place, if by “Portland” we mean a little goofy, a little slackerly, but real friendly and tasty. I couldn’t think of a better place to birth this project.

You’ll have to read the book to get that whole story, and you’ll have to get there by Memorial Day to get your last shot at their food. I say it’s bittersweet, though, because Bill, the owner, is retiring — and good on him for going out on his own terms!

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So, that was yesterday, and now two places in the book down, when Eater struck again!

Muddy's, I hardly knew ya.

Muddy’s, I hardly knew ya.

Apparently Muddy’s on Mississippi has closed and will become Oregon Deli. As always, go to Eater for the details. I rather liked Muddy’s, though it was nothing special. Comfortable place, nice patio out back, decent food, nice people … and now I guess we can go to the same place and get deli food. Why not?

Best of luck, and many thanks, to everybody associated with these three places!

New Portland Breakfast Places

So it’s not all closings to report. Maurice’s, a pastry luncheonette, has launched monthly brunch service. And West Burnside is now home to the second location of Uno Mas, which means breakfast tacos. And the new location of Lovejoy Bakers is open in South Waterfront — particularly happy news here at the Empire, for our home fortress is within walking distance.

Now, About That Contest

I was just updating this big spreadsheet of every Portland breakfast place I’ve ever heard about, and one page of it is just places that closed or quit doing brunch. There’s a lot of places on that list!

So here’s my idea: put a comment below, and see if you can name 10 places that used to serve breakfast or brunch around here, then either quit or closed — not including the three in this post, sorry! Tiebreaker is who can guess closest to the total number of places that have closed or quit brunch since 2006. Hint: It’s more than a dozen or two!

Winner gets a $15 gift certificate … to a Portland breakfast place that’s still open. For now.

Contest ends at midnight on Memorial Day.

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