BrunchBox to Open Downtown Portland Breakfast Restaurant

by BreakfastGuy on January 24, 2013 · 1 comment

I have always thought that BrunchBox in Portland may be actually be trying to kill us with their food. I mean, look at this hot mess:

Check out this hearty Portland Brunch option at the BrunchBox... and they're opening a Restaurant!

Forget healthy — let’s eat!

As we found out first from Food Carts Portland, and the next day with details from Eater PDX, the downtown Portland breakfast cart will soon open an actual restaurant at 620 SW 9th Ave. That means an indoor place to get a Redonkadonk. And what, pray tell, is a Redonkadonk? Well …

downtown portland breakfast brunch box

Serious Trouble, that’s what.

Eater says the 15-seat place will offer,

in addition to Brunch Box’s current line-up of breakfast sandwiches and burgers … a big expansion of the menu — adding French fries, chicken strips, chicken sandwiches, more breakfast sandwiches, milkshakes, floats, as well as beer and wine.

Nothing yet on their website, but there should be news on their Twitter feed.

And speaking of Twitter, just a reminder that I have all the Portland breakfast places I can find on a handy Twitter list called, amazingly enough, PDXBreakfastPlaces. Follow that, and you should have your greasy hands on the cholesterol-choked pulse of the Portland breakfast scene.

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