Breakfast Reviews

Since there are 31 new places in the new 3rd edition of my guidebook, Breakfast in Bridgetown, I thought I would share one or two of them here on the blog. This time around, I am happy to tell you about a place few Portlanders seem to know about: Aquariva, which sits in a quiet little […]

I was having a rough morning the day I ate brunch at the Woodsman Tavern. Various aspects of life, particularly life in Portland, were getting on my nerves, among them such small matters as work, money, the weather, traffic, and other people. Such was my foul mood that when I arrived early at the little […]

Brunch at Southeast Portland’s Slide Inn

by BreakfastGuy on May 12, 2014 · 0 comments

Sometimes it seems to me that there are Portland brunch places, then there are places that do brunch. That probably seems like a “distinction without a difference,” but it’s what I found myself thinking about while having brunch at Southeast Portland’s Slide Inn. Think of it this way: Byways Café? Breakfast and brunch place. Bijou? […]

Breakfast Road Trips: The Bon Ton Cafe in Memphis

by BreakfastGuy on April 30, 2014 · 0 comments

It’s a funny thing, going back to your hometown as a tourist. I lived in Memphis the first 30 years of my life, other than some Texas college years, but in all those years I, for example, never really hung out downtown. That may seem weird, and I guess it is. But Memphis is weird. […]

Here’s My Indiegogo “Blooper” Reel

by BreakfastGuy on March 29, 2014 · 2 comments

Seeing yourself on video — that’s one level of adjustment. Seeing yourself screw up on video — that’s even more fun! Below is the “blooper” reel from my Indiegogo campaign video. You can see the original at the link. It was done by the wonderful people at Ampersand Productions in Portland. Please contribute today so I […]

I confess slipping, occasionally, into a Portland-centered state of mind. In fact, when putting together the new edition of Breakfast in Bridgetown, I kind of skipped over the suburbs entirely. But I still get the question: What are some good brunches in Beaverton or Gresham? Well, now I can say that I know of at least […]

I probably should preface this whole thing by saying all I really know about coffee is that some of it is good and the rest of it is bad. I completely trust that there’s a lot more going on, and that many people know many things about it. But for the purposes of my morning […]

Here’s another lesson in, “It pays to ask.” Had I bothered to ask what was going on with The Parish at 231 NW 11th, I would have found out about yet another yummy brunch, this one in the Pearl District, with no lines. So I’ll happily save you the trouble of finding this place, where […]

Brunch at Ps and Qs Market: More Than the Name Implies

by BreakfastGuy on February 18, 2014 · 2 comments

Let me introduce you to brunch at the Ps and Qs Market, a name that implies both more and less than the place really is. It’s a market, but it’s the kind of small, specialty independent grocer that, so far, hasn’t survived around town. (Remember when half of the New Deal Café was a grocer?) […]

This week’s Portland breakfast review is a chance for me to play the Old Portland Grump, even though I’ve only been here since 1996.   Eh, but ’96 is long enough to remember when Henry’s was Henry’s, and they made beer, and the whole place smelled like ­beer-making, and their trucks got in the way […]