About the Author, Paul Gerald

Paul Gerald has been a professional writer since the mid-1980s. He started in sports, writing for papers in Dallas, Santa Barbara and his original hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. He branched out when he was hired by the Memphis Flyer, where he dabbled in news, reviews, editorial, humor, and whatever else was needed.

After moving to Oregon in 1996, he wrote travel articles for the Flyer for about 10 years, and was also one of the paper’s food writers. He also did some sports writing, mostly for the Willamette Week in Portland, his new and much-preferred hometown.

His most-read work is certainly his hiking guide to the Portland area, 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles of Portland. The fourth edition of this was published in 2010 by Menasha Ridge Press of Birmingham, Alabama — as was Paul’s second title for Menasha, Day and Overnight Hikes on Oregon’s Pacific Crest Trail. He also wrote the second edition of Best Tent Camping in Oregon, and in 2012 came out with Menasha’s title, Peaceful Places in Portland.

In 2008, he published Breakfast in Bridgetown under his own imprint, Bacon an Eggs Press. The “Second Serving” came out in 2010, and the third edition is set for Spring 2014.

A few other random things you might want to know about Paul include that he used to work in the commercial fishing fleet in Alaska, he’s a serious Deadhead, and he was once lucky enough to inhabit the coolest house in the city of Portland.

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