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Breakfast/Brunch Reviews

Outdoor southwest Portland brunch at Aquariva

Brunch by the Willamette: Aquariva in Southwest Portland

Since there are 31 new places in the new 3rd edition of my … [Read More...]

Brunch at Woodsman Tavern in Southeast Portland

Brunch at Woodsman Tavern: Old Time Feel, Modern Food

I was having a rough morning the day I ate brunch at the Woodsman Tavern. … [Read More...]


Brunch at Southeast Portland’s Slide Inn

Sometimes it seems to me that there are Portland brunch places, then there … [Read More...]

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Breakfast News

Mercury readers say Jam on Hawthorne is the second-best brunch in Portland.

Portland Mercury’s “Best Breakfast in Portland”: Jam on Hawthorne is No. 2?

I love "best breakfast in Portland" polls for two reasons: One is they … [Read More...]


Blues City Biscuits Closed … For Now

Just a quick update on one of the places in the latest edition … [Read More...]

The 3rd Edition has an all-new look to it.

Breakfast Book Popping Up in Local Stores

In addition to my online store, where you can get a signed copy straight … [Read More...]

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