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Breakfast/Brunch Reviews

InterUrban is one of many fine brunches on Mississippi Street in North Portland.

InterUrban: Yet Another Fine Brunch on N Mississippi

Whenever I get into discussions about the best brunches in Portland, people … [Read More...]

Gluten-free blueberry muffins from Gem Bakery in NE Portland.

Gem: Gluten-Free Bakery in NE Portland

I get a lot of questions about gluten-free breakfasts in Portland, which is … [Read More...]

The Fruit Party from Off the Waffle: fresh fruit and whipped cream on a Belgian waffle.

Off the Waffle: Cute New SE Portland Breakfast Place

Whenever I check out a new Portland breakfast place, I try to think about … [Read More...]

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Breakfast News

Muscadine is a new Southern-style breakfast place in NE Portland.

Portland Breakfast News Wrap-Up: New and Old Faces

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A Wrap-Up of Portland Breakfast News

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Mercury readers say Jam on Hawthorne is the second-best brunch in Portland.

Portland Mercury’s “Best Breakfast in Portland”: Jam on Hawthorne is No. 2?

I love "best breakfast in Portland" polls for two reasons: One is they … [Read More...]

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